What Is Mobile Oilfield Catering?

Mobile oilfield catering is a type of service where food is prepared and served from some kind of vehicle. These are, sometimes, referred to as lunch wagons or concession stands. They come equipped with refrigeration and heating units, and most will have a built-in kitchen. Such a vehicle is typically used to sell food to the oil rig workers.

Some caterers will use these vehicles to serve customers at events when a professional kitchen is not available. Within most areas, laws will restrict or prohibit the selling of food from these catering vehicles. Some workers have difficulty finding the time to sit down for a meal during their workday, which is why a few business, such as restaurants, send out mobile catering trucks to business districts to sell food to such people.

These catering trucks provide inexpensive and simple meals, like snacks or sandwiches. In some cases, the food is prepared in the catering truck while in other cases the truck will come with insulated chambers where pre-cooked meals are stored in. Hot dog carts and ice cream trucks are common kinds of mobile catering that can be seen in both residential and business areas.

Restaurants and catering companies rely on mobile catering trucks when they serve food to clients in locations that do not have any type of kitchen. The benefit of having a mobile catering unit is that the catering company is able to work in a kitchen they are familiar with and have all the necessary equipment to create a full menu. Some BBQ restaurants have a barbecue pit in their catering vehicle, so their customers can enjoy fresh and hot meats.

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